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Notre Dame Exposed! Brian Kelly's sideline blowup this year is nothing compared to what he's going to do when he reads this!

On January 17, 2012, Michigan football insider Ace Williams broke a story on potential Notre Dame football player Yuri Wright losing his scholarship offer to Michigan because of the offensive language on his Twitter account. At the time of the article, the Irish were still heavily pursuing Wright even though they were aware of the contents of his Twitter account.

A source close to the Fighting Irish program told us in the days following Yuri Wright making national headlines "Of course they knew about the tweets. They were probably going to land Yuri too, but had to stop recruiting him when that stuff surfaced. That article is probably the only reason that he didn't end up becoming a part of the 2012 Irish class. But, after those tweets came out, there was no way we could get him in to Notre Dame."

Due to the topic being so controversial and incredibly widespread across 2012 star high school recruits, our writers sought to show that this behavior is NOT limited to Yuri, but has become commonplace among teens on Twitter. In previous articles, we have discussed at length the potential consequences of negative Twitter behavior, and have called for formal training on proper social media usage for high schoolers. For those who have read the previous articles, we won't repeat what we have said. Readers who haven't, you can read the first three articles ion this 7 part series on Twitter usage by star high school athletes:

Part 1: 2012 Top recruiting classes EXPOSED by Tweets

Part 2: Michigan football recruits behave badly on Twitter

Part 3: LSU football recruits exposed on Twitter

When publishing the tweets below by members of the 2012 Notre Dame football recruiting class, we will point out the following facts.

* Each of these recruits, on average, gave 18 interviews in the last year with MAJOR media outlets such as ESPN, Yahoo Sports or Fox Sports.

* Several of these recruits announced their college destination on national TV.

* Every one of them held a press conference to announce their college choice, including Davonte Neal, who didn't show up at his own press conference at his former elementary school today.

* None of the high schools they attend have formal policies on proper social media use.

As you read the rest of this article, consider this: Each one of these young men has a chance to start for the Notre Dame football team in just over 6 months. Then, think to yourself: How would I react if I saw Michael Floyd tweeting this material last season?

Below, we give you the controversial tweets from the 2012 Notre Dame football recruiting class. (warning, contains explicit language and context)

Romeo Okwara, 3-star, #35 DE by Rivals

Williams Mohone, 4-star, #197 player nationally by Rivals

Ronnie Stanley, 4-star, #176 player nationally by Rivals

CJ Prosise, 4-star, #10 player in VA by ESPN


Jarron Jones, 4-star, #199 player nationally by Rivals

Chris Brown, 3-star, #11 player in South Carolina by Rivals


Nicky Baratti, 3-star, #57 player in Texas by Rivals

What other schools are being exposed by Twitter?

2/7/2012: Michigan

2/14/2012: LSU

2/28/2012: Alabama

3/6/2012: Ohio State

3/13/2012: Oregon

Follow the 2012 Notre Dame football recruiting class on Twitter:

Sheldon Day!/S_NDbound_Day91
Gunner Kiel!/GunnerKiel
Tee Shepard!/tshepard08
Nicky Baratti!/NickyBaratti
Chris Brown!/C_Breezy2k12
Scott Daly None
Justin Ferguson None
Mark Harrell None
Jarron Jones!/MegaMan_Jones94
William Mahone!/iWill_doiterday
Romeo Okwara!/RomeoAK33
CJ Prosise!/cjpro3
KeiVarae Russell None
Elijah Shumate!/ElijahShumate
Ronnie Stanley!/ronnie_stanley
John Turner None
Davonte Neal None

***Note from the Editor: This is obviously going to be a very controversial article. We decided to publish the middle ground of what we uncovered. For all 6 schools featured, we discovered evidence of gambling on football, drugs, alcohol on recruiting visits and mentions of improper recruiting benefits that we chose not to publish.***

Alex Jones, Rick Steele and Mack Ferguson contributed on this article.

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