Notre Dame Football: Can Everett Golson bring a National Championship back to South Bend?

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The day has finally come for Everett Golson. Head coach Brian Kelly decided last week to hand the reins of the Notre Dame offense to the explosive young quarterback. Golson will become the 5th quarterback Kelly has used in his short time in South Bend, and is certain to feel the scrutiny that every starting quarterback at Notre Dame experiences. So I will ask the question that everyone ponders when a new quarterback takes over - Will Everett Golson bring the Irish back to glory?

When you watch Everett play, it isn’t hard to see that he is the most explosive field general that the Irish posses. To go along with that, this kid has a big arm and seemed to be very accurate during the spring game and fall camp. However, Brian Kelly has questioned his ball security and decision-making abilities, essentially making every snap a worry for the Irish staff. For a college quarterback to be successful on this level, decision-making must be nearly impeccable. As we dive deeper into the season we will be able to tell if he not only can consistently make good decisions, but become the leader that this offense needs. This job is one of, if not the hardest in college football. For Mr. Golson to be able to succeed, his mentality must be that of a winner and one that is not afraid to be criticized. He can win, as he has proven during his high school career. But, will it transition over to Notre Dame? Can he be the player that gives the Irish fans hope again? Can Everett Golson win Notre Dame a national championship?

I think he can, and I think that he will. He came to Notre Dame at a perfect time. Brian Kelly has done a great job of recruiting and has surrounded Golson with a great supporting cast. Notre Dame more than likely will not win a title this year, but they should have that potential within the next couple of years. If all goes well with Golson, he will be the one who spearheads that effort. People have to believe in him and in Brian Kelly because he truly does have a special talent that can bring Notre Dame back to a BCS bowl and possibly a national championship. His abilities are perfect for what Brian Kelly wants to do in South Bend. The only thing that can and will make him better is gaining experience. This year may not go perfectly for the young man, but going through this brutal schedule will help him mature greatly, as will playing against some of the toughest teams in the country on the road.

We all want to see a winner at Notre Dame, and we will know very soon whether that’s what we are getting or not. The kid from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina has been given a chance. He has been asked to restore order at what was once an elite power in college football for decades. That leaves only one question for us to ask...

Will Everett Golson bring Notre Dame its first national championship in over two decades?

I guess his clock starts in Dublin...

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