James Onwualu, Irish Stud

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James Onwualu is an intelligent individual in the classroom and it is clear he is also one of the smartest football players on the field. James chose the Irish over other academic studs like Stanford, Michigan, Northwestern and Vanderbilt. What made the Irish stand out from those programs was its atmosphere and welcoming nature of the staff. James said the thing that most stands out to him about Notre Dame is that the coaches and players, "made it feel like home." He described the University and team as a family. Getting a Notre Dame offer was, "a big deal," adding, "I had the opportunity to take a trip to Costa Rica with my school and help there. I had time to reflect on my choices and what I wanted out of college." That reflection allowed James to come away knowing Notre Dame was the perfect fit for him on the field and off. He has a slew of D1 football offers but is a solid Notre Dame commit. That was made clear when Chatsports.com had a brief, exclusive question and answer interview with him.


I asked James if schools were actively recruiting him and he said, "there are a few trying to." When asked if he hoped to visit any schools he said without hesitation, "Nope. I'm done [being recruited elsewhere]." Let me tell you, this was the most assuring tone I have ever heard anyone use and I will bet anything that James, the best football player in Minnesota according to 247sports, will wear the Notre Dame blue and gold. He will not waiver on his decision. James said that, "Every day I talk to at least one [Notre Dame] coach." Onwualu may have picked up a thing or two about recruiting from his time with the Irish coaches, because he has started to assist them in bringing in high profile recruits. James mentioned that he still talks to St. Peter's Prep standout, Tre Bell, Virginia Lineback, Doug Randolph, Saint Louis Athlete, Ezekiel Elliott and Florida Running Back, Ryan Green among others.


The biggest impact James will make for the football program is on the field. James thinks we could see him, "basically all over the field," as Irish coaches have told him he can contribute as an outside receiver, in the slot, or even in the backfield. He will likely see time

[caption id="attachment_214" align="alignright" width="148" caption="James goes for a jump ball, something he'll do a lot of at Notre Dame."]Jump Ball[/caption]

his freshman season, though should the coaches ask him to redshirt he will comply because he wants, "whatever is best for the team." Coming away from our conversation, I feel like James is the perfect fit for Notre Dame- a class act with a good head on his shoulders.


James also shared some personal information, such as his hopes to eventually enroll at the Mendoza school of business, possibly focusing in finance. Onwualu takes his academics seriously and has his priorities worked out. He knows how important school is- and that is why he wanted to make the most out of his chance to get a free education. By taking classes in the number one business school in the country, it is clear he is maximizing that opportunity. He is a Baltimore Ravens fan and admires NFL players like Adrian Peterson and Percy Harvin. After watching his highlights, I think you'll agree that he has similar explosiveness to them. James likes to listen to Rick Rozay before he makes big plays on the field.


James Onwualu, ladies and gentleman. He's a special individual and football player.

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