Bell Evaluates Notre Dame

As National Signing Day came to an end, St. Peter's Prep junior cornerback Tre' Bell saw his recruitment explode. One of the first schools recruiting Tre' was Notre Dame. The two had been interacting to the point that Bell thought Notre Dame would be his first major offer. That did not happen, though the Irish did eventually offer the twelfth best player from New Jersey in the Class of 2013 and now find themselves among a slew of other D1 powerhouses in the pursuit his talents.

[caption id="attachment_241" align="alignright" width="314" caption="If Notre Dame lands Bell, he could be their next defensive star"]Tre' Bell[/caption]

His highlight tape is almost 10 minutes long, and after just a few minutes a viewer can't help but be impressed by his hard hits and ability to make big plays. St. Peter's Prep plays an impressive schedule every year filled with elite competition from all over the east coast. He excels against the elite, as evidenced by his eye-popping stats and All-State recognition.

Another thing that might catch your eye while watching his highlights is the ridiculous amount of comments with fans from various schools making their case for Bell's commitment. Fans make paragraph long, heated arguments on a simple youtube video that he may or may not even see. His talent has sparked this kind of attention. Tre' doesn't let that attention get to his head though. In an exclusive interview with, he described the recruiting process as, "Great. I would have never dreamed high profile Universities would be after me; its really humbling."

Bell grew up a fan of the Florida Gators and when asked if that gives them an advantage, he said that the opportunity to play there would be, "crazy," adding, "Ever since I was little I could see myself playing for them." He knows what he wants in a school though, and the school that best matches his criteria will be the one he enrolls at. He's not sure which school that is at the moment, and does not have a date in mind that he will have a decision made. He does, however, know that the school he chooses will have, "good academics, tradition, stability with the coaching staff and a campus I can see myself living on and enjoying." The most important factor will be his comfort level with the University as a whole and football program. Bell hopes to make the most out of his opportunity for a free education in the classroom, possibly as some sort of management major and as a star cornerback on the football field.

Tre' has already been on campus and said he, "loved it at Notre Dame." He has said that he is not sure, "if another school will compare to my high school the way Notre Dame

[caption id="attachment_242" align="alignright" width="353" caption="Bell will be a lockdown corner no matter where he goes"]Tre' Bell[/caption]

does. They have a lot of the same qualities and being on campus felt like I was back in Jersey City." Notre Dame's campus feeling familiar to him and reminding him of where he has grown up is huge and probably adds to his comfort level with the school.

Another thing Notre Dame has going for them is their desperate need for cornerbacks. The fact that he would probably get early playing time is a positive for the Irish in their pursuit of Tre'. Every week, coaches Alford and Cooks talk to Bell and try to sell him on, "the beautiful campus, and mix of athletic and academic excellence." Bell still talks to Notre Dame commits James Onwualu and fellow cornerback Rashad Kinlaw, whom he met at Notre Dame's junior day. Bell went on to say about the junior day, "I loved it. I got to see everything I wanted. Notre Dame has tradition that I really love."

He really admires Deion Sanders, saying that he is his all time favorite football player. Tre' is a New York Jets fan, and if you watch his highlight tape, you won't be surprised if you hear he is on the Jets or another NFL team in a few years. He plays just like Sanders. Notre Dame's front seven with him in the backfield could make for a lethal defensive unit.

There has been some confusion as to who is leading for his recruitment, but Tre' told that the schools he is most seriously considering include: Florida, Notre

[caption id="attachment_245" align="alignright" width="231" caption="Look for Bell to have a big senior season next year"]Tre' Bell[/caption]

Dame, USC, West Virginia, UConn, South Florida, and LSU. No matter where he goes, he will find success.

Notre Dame fans, I advise you to pray Bell joins the Irish. If he does, he has the potential to be the next great Notre Dame defensive star. He is humble, hardworking and he will almost undoubtedly tap into that potential. The son of a coach, Tre' is very disciplined and has a good head on his shoulders.

Tre' told that he feels comfortable at Notre Dame saying, "I can see myself there as a player and student."

Irish fans, keep your fingers crossed.

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