Baze Looks Forward to Big Year; Wants Notre Dame Offer

Bobby Baze is on the short side for a football player. At 6 foot and 155 pounds, his stature has been called into question. The Prime Prep Academy standout expects his recruiting stock to blow up during the season, he told in an exclusive interview, as he has been hearing from programs like Oklahoma, Michigan, UCLA, Texas A&M, Wisconsin and Notre Dame among others. Bobby is welcome to anyone who wants to recruit him, but has an idea where he would like to end up. “It’d be hard to not commit on the spot if they offered, to be honest,” Baze said regarding an Irish offer.

Baze emailed coach Denbrock not too long ago after receiving mail from the Irish to introduce himself. “My favorite things about Notre Dame is the rich tradition, the offense

[caption id="attachment_296" align="alignright" width="290" caption="Baze is primed for a breakout season this year."][/caption]

they run allows me to maximize my potential as a football player, and an education that is second to none.” Bobby hopes to be able to commit by the end of his junior year or summer going into senior year so that he can early enroll.

Perhaps one reason Baze has not seen scholarship offers yet is because his schedule has not allowed him to take visits or camp at any of the schools he is talking to. It is not for lack of resources that Bobby can’t make it up to visit the schools recruiting him, but because of his dedication to improve his game. Bobby has been taking the offseason as an opportunity to bulk up and prove doubters wrong. “Being small, I feel like I’m somewhat underestimated playing football in Texas. This offseason I’ve been working on my skills and on getting bigger so that nobody will doubt my ability to play at the D1 level.” Baze has been a great player to this point in his high school career, but is working to maximize his potential. As good as he has been, Bobby and those around him realize he can be even better. He has the will to be the best player on the field, and the sacrifices he has made this offseason is evidence of his determination. “I’ve had a very structured summer really, waking up early and practicing. Taking a break to rest then working out with weights. I’m really excited for this season, I think I can finally break out and I’ll get to show colleges even more. Football has become a way of life this offseason.”

Alex King from and the Sooner Scoop spoke to the rising junior recently, and Bobby hopes that when he is evaluated he can be a high three star. He is fine with flying under the radar, but is confident he will have a big year and potentially get more recognition. All that really matters to Bobby though is finding the school that is a good fit for him, and at this point he believes that fit is Notre Dame. “I know Coach Kelly and his staff are great evaluators of talent, they’ve pretty often found diamonds in the rough. Hopefully I will get a chance to play in front of them and they’ll see enough to offer. An offer from the University of Notre Dame... Wow, that’d be huge.”

Lately Bobby has talked to Notre Dame commit Justin Brent on twitter and Notre Dame target Clifton Garret. “We talked about how we need to go to a Notre Dame game together this season. I’m confident they’re going to have a great year and prove doubters wrong. Justin is really lucky to have committed to them already, hopefully I’ll find myself in his position after the season.” Baze is also friends with 2014 prospects Jamal Adams, Mike Dudek, Ty Barrett, Nick Watkins, Cedric Dale and others.

“Any school that wants to recruit me, I would love to talk to. Notre Dame is a dream, and hopefully I’ll obtain that dream, but I realize other schools have plenty to offer as well.” When asked what he would say to all the Notre Dame fans who would read this article,

Bobby said “Keep your eye out for me this season. I’ve worked too hard this offseason to

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not make a name for myself, I love the school as much as you do! I want to live the dream for all the Notre Dame fans out there who never got to. I feel blessed and am so thankful to be in the situation I’m in.”

It is pretty clear as to why Bobby is in the position he is in. By watching his highlight tape, you’ll see how Baze catches the ball and is able to churn out yards after the catch. His game is modeled after Michael Crabtree’s, and with the work ethic he has displayed this offseason, it appears Bobby could find himself having a similar amount of success on the collegiate level.

Bobby loves interacting with fans, so if you have a twitter follow him @BobbyBaze10 Let him know what you think about his game and follow him for updates on his life and recruitment.

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