4 Reasons Why Notre Dame Football Will Always Be Better Than USC

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish are one of the most storied programs in college football history, and their rivalry with the USC Trojans is one of the best rivalries here in the sport. However, as Irish fans know, here are four reasons why Notre Dame will always be better than USC:

4) We don't pay for our championshipsNCAA Football - USC vs Notre Dame - October 15, 2005

Sorry, Reggie Bush.

3) Tradition

Touchdown Jesus. Pep Rallies. The Shirt. The Player Walk. Victory Clog.

What does USC have? A half-empty "coliseum"?

2) Golden helmets

The most iconic in the sport!

1) People watch Notre Dame play every single week

A lot of college fans miss most USC games because of them playing on the West Coast and being on weird channels. As for Notre Dame, you know where they'll be - NBC, national TV, every Saturday afternoon.

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