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Priceless Gem: Mick Mixon to retire from Radio

Tar Heels that can remember 1993 will likely be able to cite you the call from the Tar Heel Sports Network word for word. If you haven’t heard it, click to the 2:20 mark here

“HE TAKES A TIMEOUT!” It’s a call that resonates nationally now thanks to Tar Heel alum Tate Frazier who made it a point to play this sound clip at the beginning of his college basketball podcast with Mark Titus, and despite that podcasts several iterations, the intro has stayed the same. The thing that makes Woody’s call here so amazing isn’t just the stunned joy from Durham yelling the fact that Webber would be assessed a technical foul, it’s the fact that this deadpanned voice beside him is informing him, in real time, that it’s about to happen.