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Let’s not turn this into a QB controversy, because there isn’t gonna be one

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If you’re Dave Doeren, the season has gone about as badly as it possibly could, because not only is your team struggling, you’re now in a spot where people are clamoring to see MJ Morris play ahead of Brennan Armstrong.

Those people aren’t wrong, exactly, but they are a negative factor you have to deal with for two months solid if you’re going to stick to your guns on redshirting MJ Morris. Dave’s got a lot of headaches ahead.

There are a lot of good reasons not to play Morris this year, let alone next weekend. Some folks wondered why Morris did not see action against VMI late, but that’s an easy one: given the recent injury history at QB, and given that a player can appear in four games without losing a redshirt, why would you burn one of those appearances on garbage duty in a non-competitive game?