Scott Norton's Gutless Shot at Nathan Horton

As most NHL fans who don't live under rocks know, Bruins forward Nathan Horton missed a good chunk of last season, including the playoffs, with a concussion and PCS that lingered throughout the summer. It wasn't until recently that Horton's agent declared him totally healthy, but when the news broke, Scott Norton decided he had a few things to say about it.

He is joking right? Please tell me he is.

Maybe he should go and see a doctor, as he thinks the hit was clean and legal. Except for the fact that it was a full second late. And it was an elbow to the head. Yeah, it's totally legal. See for yourself.

The best part about this is, when everyone's favorite Bruins Insider Joe Haggerty took him on, Norton backpedaled like the gutless puke he is and tried to justify his tweet with "I said it's good news."

Interesting defense.

Most people have never heard of Scott Norton, minus all of the Flyers fans who still have this outrageous concept that the hit was totally clean. And even less people have heard of Tom Sesito. The guy has a total of five points in 27 NHL games, 112 points in 245 AHL games, and a grand total of 127 total penalty minutes in those 27 NHL games. I think we know why he's in the league. Well, maybe not.

Hopefully once people like him get their heads out of their collective asses (I'm looking at you, Shanahan), hits like these can finally stop occurring all together.

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