Who Will Sign Ryan Fitzpatrick? Here Are 3 Teams That Could Add The Veteran QB

Ryan Fitzpatrick is the definition of a journeyman QB. In his 11-year NFL career, Fitzpatrick has played for six different teams. The quarterback is set to hit free agency once again this offseason, and he's coming off a career season with the New York Jets. In a down year for free agent QBs, Fitzpatrick is one of the top options.  

Fitzpatrick isn't a long-term option at age 33, but he could be a solid veteran starter for several teams. Fitzpatrick will have plenty of suitors, especially from teams that feel they are a QB away from making the playoffs. With that in mind, here are three teams that could sign Fitzpatrick. 

3. Los Angeles Rams
Fitzpatrick actually started his career with the Rams, as he was a seventh round pick by the team in 2005. Fitzpatrick struggled in his three starts his rookie season, which shouldn't be a major surprise. He was traded after two seasons, but perhaps it's time for a reunion. It's clear Nick Foles is not the answer, and Case Keenum is a backup at best. The Rams could sign Fitzpatrick and then draft a QB to develop in the draft. Picking in the middle of the first round, there's no guarantee the Rams will be able to find a franchise QB in the early rounds. 

2. Houston Texans
Fitzpatrick was traded from Houston to New York before the start of last season. While the Texans did make the playoffs last year, their QB play held them back. Fitzpatrick is clearly a superior option to Brian Hoyer (or whomever the Texans start). However, it's unclear if the team would be willing to bring back Fitzpatrick so soon after dealing him. The Texans could take a similar approach as the Rams and draft a QB in the later rounds to groom. 

1. New York Jets
This is the most likely landing spot for Fitzpatrick. The Jets want to bring him back, as he's a vastly better option than Geno Smith. The only other QB on the roster is Bryce Petty, who is far from ready. The biggest issue for the Jets is cap space, as they don't have much money to spend this offseason. Still, expect the Jets to find a way to bring back Fitzpatrick this offseason. For more Jets coverage, download the Chat Sports Android and iPhone app

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