Who Are The 3 Best Quarterbacks In The NFL Right Now?

The NFL is a quarterback-driven league and in a season filled with young talent and savvy veterans the question I have been seeing on twitter @MitchellRenz365, who is the best quarterback in the NFL? If you disagree with my three and want to weigh in please do. The way I want people to talk about or debate this article is in the sense of who they literally believe is the best quarterback in the NFL. It is Week 10 and you need a quarterback until the end of the season who are you taking?

3.) Russell Wilson - Seattle Seahawks

Russell Wilson this season has 2,305 passing yards with 17 touchdowns and six interceptions. He is also dynamic with his legs rushing for 271 yards with one touchdown. Behind one of the leagues worst offensive lines and no running game, there isn't a quarterback who is more important to his team than Russell Wilson. That may surprise some people but I don't know if any quarterback in the league would be able to stay healthy behind this horrible offensive line but Wilson is athletic enough where he can escape and make plays down the field. The Seahawks have no running game this year and in fact, Wilson is the leading rusher on his team. Russell Wilson has all the tools and is why he is number three on my board.

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2.) Carson Wentz - Philadelphia Eagles

The Wentz Wagon is the trending ticket right now in the NFL and can you blame people for thinking that Carson Wentz is the best quarterback in the NFL? Wentz has been great this season leading the Philadelphia Eagles to 8-1 which is the NFL's best record. He has 23 touchdowns to only five interceptions with 2,262 passing yards. He is, in my opinion, the MVP of the NFL right now and personally, I don't think that is debatable. But, he isn't the best quarterback in the league right now. If I were to start an NFL franchise today, I'm taking Wentz. If I want to win a Super Bowl for this season only I'm going with the guy number one on this list.

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1.) Tom Brady - New England Patriots

Come on people, the best quarterback in the NFL right now is Tom Brady. Even if you hate Brady and the Patriots you have to respect his game and appreciate it because believe it or not there will be a day when he retires. This season Brady has 16 touchdowns and only two interceptions with an NFL leading 2,541 passing yards. There is no quarterback who I have more confidence in to win me a game and for that reason alone he is my pick for the best quarterback in the NFL.

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