Which Super Bowl Team Is Smarter? Research On Their Intelligence May Surprise You

The folks over at Grammarly are in the Super Bowl spirit, putting together a unique study which begs to answer the question -- which Super Bowl 50 team is smarter, the Carolina Panthers or the Denver Broncos? Analyzing the Twitter feeds of the teams' starters for grammar, spelling and punctuation mistakes, Grammarly's word aficionados pitted the AFC and NFC champions in the ultimate Grammar Bowl.

Here's are some of the takewaways from the fascinating study.


Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning isn't down with the Twitter game, but Cam Newton is -- and he rocks at it! 

Panthers defensive end Jared Allen led all starters with just 0.7 mistakes per 100 words on Twitter, with Broncos outside linebacker DeMarcus Ware placing second with 0.9 errors per 100. Number three? CAM. More Cam Newton awesomeness in our Chat Sports iPhone and Android apps!

He makes just 1.3 mistakes per 100 words, good for third out of 39 players analyzed.

Classic Defense/Offense Battle

This year's Super Bowl is getting hyped as a classic duel between the Panthers' high-octane offense and the Broncos #1-ranked defense. From a grammar standpoint, both units are in a dead heat...for last. Among each teams' offense, defense and special teams units, the Broncos' D and Panthers' O commit a study-worst 5.4 errors per 100 words.

The Broncos' special teams came in #1 with just 2.1 mistakes per 100, with the Panthers ST close behind at 2.2. That just confirms our theory that kickers and punters are NERDS (in the best way possible). 

Here's the overall rankings for the six starting units:

1. Broncos special teams -- 2.1 errors per 100
2. Panthers special teams -- 2.2
3. Panthers defense -- 3.5
4. Broncos offense -- 3.8
T5. Broncos defense -- 5.4
T5. Panthers offense -- 5.4

Detention Needed

Carolina Panthers guard Trai Turner wore the dunce cap in this study, finishing 39th out of 39 with 11.5 mistakes per 100 words typed. He still has the coolest first name in the Super Bowl, so he gets a pass in our book. More Super Bowl coverage in our Chat Sports Android and iPhone apps!

Only three other players finished with 10 errors or more (a 10% mistake rate) -- Broncos DE Malik Jackson (10.7), Broncos NT Sylvester Williams (10.4) and Panthers offensive tackle Michael Oher (10.1).

And The Winner Is...

...wait for it...




the Carolina Panthers!

Carolina edges Denver by a safety in overtime, making just 4.3 mistakes per 100 words compared to Denver's 4.5. Anybody got an old little league trophy and some Scrabble tiles? We feel a gift is in order...

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