What Can Change In The NFL This Off-Season?

In football the only constant is change. The Patriots’ coach Bill Belichick has said something of that sort in the past. He has remained the coach for nineteen years now but he has seen numerous players come and go during his stay. It could be said that growth does not happen without things changing.

The off-season is an opportunity for players to take a break and spend some time with their family after a tiresome season. But for a sports franchise most of the off-field business is done in the off-season. The preparations for the 2019 season have already begun and there will be major changes in all the teams’ rosters. Players will be sold on for cutting down the wage bill, free agents may be signed and young players will be drafted in April.

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To give you a head-start we will be making a few bold predictions of how things might look ahead of the new season. You can also visit here for more original content related to football.

Antonio Brown to the San Francisco 49ers
Brown has unreal talent there is no doubt about that. But the events towards the end of last season in which he allegedly pushed the mother of his child the Pittsburgh Steelers are likely to trade Brown.

And the 49ers are said to be very much interested in getting Brown to play for them. It is no surprise that they are looking to add an edge rusher having chased Khalil Mack in the previous off-season. Mack ultimately signed with the Chicago Bears and hence the 49ers will be aggressively attempting to sign Brown.

Sean Payton to coach The Cowboys next?
Jason Garrett, the current coach of the Cowboys, has his days numbered at the job. The biggest indication of the same is that team owner Jerry Jones hasn’t offered him a contract extension despite winning a playoff game this year. His current contract runs until the end of 2019 which means the Cowboys might be looking for someone else to take over.

Sean Payton can be the man to replace Jason Garrett. His loyalty to the Saints can’t be questioned since he has been their coach since 2006. But his key player Drew Brees is edging towards the end of his career and should he decide to hang up his boots next year Payton’s hands may be forced to look for pastures new. Moreover Payton also has family in Dallas which could weigh in his decision of choosing his next destination.

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