WATCH: NFL Power Rankings (Final Preseason Version) And The Debut Of NFL Daily On Facebook Live - Presented by Mizzen and Main

The NFL season is, at long last, nearly here. With just one day before the NFL season starts, it's time for our last preseason NFL power rankings. This also marks the start of our new show: NFL Daily.  

NFL Daily will broadcast every day at 6pm ET Monday through Friday, and is presented by Mizzen and Main. Mizzen and Main is the world's most comfortable dress shirt and they are comfortable AF to wear. Why are Mizzen and Main shirts so comfortable AF? They’re made out of performance fabric. Yeah. Performance fabric. These aren’t the shiny, polyester shirts your weird uncle wore in the 1970’s.

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To help get you excited about the start of the season, we've ranked all 32 teams. These rankings can, and will, change as the regular season continues. After all, the NFL tends to be week-to-week with those sort of things. NFL Daily will also feature different types of shows each day. 

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So check out Harris Rubenstein and Tom Downey break down all 32 teams as well as all the latest around the NFL, presented by Mizzen and Main.

Join the discussion in the video above or below!

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