VIDEO: Rex Ryan Introduces Donald Trump At Rally, Praises 'Courage' Of Presidential Candidate

Buffalo Bills coach Rex Ryan introduced Donald Trump at a local rally on Monday night, and he dished out plenty of praise for the Republican presidential candidate. Ryan used the word "courage" to describe the billionaire several times in his opening statement. 

Ryan took the stage to a loud roar from the crowd in Buffalo, and didn't take long to break into a football analogy about why Trump was the answer for the American people. The Bills coach stayed at the podium for a little over three minutes before giving way to the businessman/politician, who was quick to return the favor by saying the Bills would have a "very, very good season this year."

Earlier in the day, the Bills made it clear that Ryan's participation was not tied to the team in any way. 

"It is a personal decision by Rex to introduce Donald Trump at this evening’s rally,” the Bills said in a statement. “The Bills organization does not endorse political candidates and so he is not representing the organization at tonight’s event."

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