Trent Williams Trade To Browns? Emmanuel Sanders Trade? Josh Rosen Future? | NFL Rumors

NFL Rumors are heating up and the biggest is on a possible Trent Williams Trade to the Browns. While the NFL trade rumors were that the deal was about to happen, that might not be the case. Plus, what’s the latest on players like Emmanuel Sanders, Josh Rosen, Marcus Mariota and Kenyan Drake?

Trent Williams continues to holdout, but the Washington Redskins are refusing to trade him. But could the Cleveland Browns come through with an offer to change that?

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Emmanuel Sanders has trade value and teams are interested. But are the Denver Broncos actually interested in trading their star WR? And what will the Cincinnati Bengals do about notable players like Tyler Eifert, Geno Atkins, Carlos Dunlap and A.J. Green?

The Miami Dolphins are a source of great NFL rumors because they are tanking. Could they trade RB Kenyan Drake before the 2019 NFL Trade Deadline? They’ve also benched their starting QB Josh Rosen. The Tennessee Titans did the same thing with Marcus Mariota. What do their futures in the NFL hold beyond 2019?

Here’s the full list of NFL Rumors:
Trent Williams To Browns?
Emmanuel Sanders Trade?
Josh Rosen Benched
Kenyan Drake Future?
Mariota Time Over In Tennessee?
Bengals Fire Sale?

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