Tom Brady Rumors: 10 Realistic Free Agent Destinations Brady Could Sign With In 2020 NFL Free Agency

The New England Patriots lost to the Titans in the Wild Card round and now there are a ton of NFL rumors around Tom Brady and his future. Tom Brady is set to become a free agent in 2020 and if he doesn’t return to the Patriots, there will be plenty of NFL teams looking to sign him in free agency. So IN THE VIDEO ABOVE AND BELOW Chat Sports’ Mitchell Renz host of NFL Daily breaks down the 10 realistic free agent destinations Tom Brady could sign with in 2020 NFL Free Agency!

Tom Brady has had a legendary career with the Patriots but with him turning 43 this offseason, what are the chances he retires? Brady said it himself, he is unsure what the future holds but he also said back in March that he hopes to play until he is 45.

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2020 NFL Free Agency will be very exciting and Brady is likely the top free agent. Could we see Brady playing for someone else besides the Patriots? Perhaps Brady could play with the Chargers and take over for Philip Rivers. Will the Denver Broncos look to sign Brady and make another Super Bowl run like they did with Peyton Manning? The Bears drafted Mitchell Trubisky in 2017 but could already be done with him after a rough 2019.

Here’s the top teams for Tom Brady in 2020:
#1 New England Patriots
#2 Los Angeles Chargers
#3 Indianapolis Colts
#4 Chicago Bears
#5 Denver Broncos
#6 Las Vegas Raiders
#7 Dallas Cowboys
#8 Tampa Bay Buccaneers
#9 Carolina Panthers
#10 Miami Dolphins

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