These Are The Top Prospects For NFL Draft 2021

It’s 2021, NFL is drawing near, and fans are excited about the players who’ll make it to the league. Tens of prospects have their own unique capabilities, making it super fun to fantasy about the final picks. Here are some of the top players of the 2021 NFL mock draft.

Trevor Lawrence
William Trevor Lawrence, born in 1999, played in college at Clemson. He was considered among the top players when he played for Cartersville High School. Experts are fans anticipating that he will make it to the draft. And it will not be far from the reality if you consider his skills. He packs what it takes for being the real team player in NFL. His physical strength, mental control make him an ideal player. Lawrence has what it takes to make all the throws. Any team’s defense will be super strong in his presence. 

Ja’Marr Chase
Ja’Marr Chase, born in 2000, has played for the LSU Tigers. His distinction of winning the Fred Biletnikoff Award makes him one of the top prospects for 2021. Chase is famous for being a complete receiver in the game. He catches the ball perfectly and makes it look easy as well. Chase’s instinct makes him a very dynamic player. He can run fast and seems really tough throughout the game. He quickly catches in-crowd and displays his expertise in the game.

Penei Sewell
Penei Sewell, born in 2000, has played for the University of Oregon in the past. He is one of the few players to have received the Outland and Morris trophy. Sewell is among the top prospects for the 2021 NFL Draft. He is super active and has the ability to pass easily through pass protections. Another fantastic thing about Sewell is that he has a different plan for the game. He doesn’t block like a tough dude, and this is what makes him different from other offensive linemen. Fans are excited to see him play real soon.  

Kyle Pitts
Kyle Anthony Pitts, born in 2000, has played for the University of Florida. He has played in the tight end and defensive end positions. Some consider him as a nightmare for the opponent team as he is too sturdy for linebackers to handle. He has impressive stats as he took a whopping 43 catches for 770 yards in just eight matches. His incredible speed enables him to take on the defenders. Pitts’s mobility makes him an ideal player for any team. His receptive mindset makes him perform better than many other players. Experts think that he will be selected for NFL 2021, and fans feel the same. 

Zach Wilson
Zach Wilson, born in 1999, has played for BYU Cougars in the past. BYU is known among fans as a “quarterback factory,” and Zach’s presence in the BYU Cougars has made this viewpoint even stronger. Zach is the youngest quarterback in BYU history. 2018 saw him become the MVP of the 2018 Famous Idaho Potato Bowl because of his outstanding performance. He has been the MVP consecutively in 2019 and 2020. Some analysts think that his short height will stop him from doing an extraordinary performance, but he has proven as an excellent quarterback in the past. He is a smart athlete who can be really tough at times. His strong arms enable him to make super powerful throws. 

Making conscious decisions in the NFL draft is essential for any team to get healthier and prosperous. However, even after picking the best player, a team’s strategy and coordination are going to make it nail its games. Let’s wait and see which players make it to the NFL 2021!

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