These Are 4 Teams That Could Sign Alshon Jeffery This Offseason

With the NFL offseason officially here, free agency is now on the minds every NFL team. There are several big-name free agents scheduled to hit the market this offseason and they'll be the top targets for many teams.

One of those players could be wide receiver Alshon Jeffery. He's spent his entire career with the Chicago Bears, and he's become one of the top WRs in the NFL. However, he's coming of an injury in which he battled injuries and the Bears might be hesitant to give him a long-term deal or place the franchise tag on him. If Jeffery reaches the open market, he's by far the top WR available this season and several teams will be interested in him. With that in mind, here are four possible destinations for Alshon Jeffery this offseason.

4. Detroit Lions
If Calvin Johnson does elect to retire (and it certainly seems like he will), the Lions will need another WR. There isn't a better option to replace Johnson than Jeffery. He'd fill the team's need for a bigger WR, which the Lions really don't have without Johnson. The Lions have $24 million in cap space, and could double that if Johnson retires. They can use that money to hand Jeffery a big contract and convince to jump to a different NFC North team. 

3. Carolina Panthers
The Panthers, especially once Kelvin Benjamin was lost for the season, didn't have enough weapons for QB Cam Newton. Jeffery would help fix that, and he'd be a great addition to the Panthers offseason. However, the money might not work out for Carolina. The team will have at least $24 million Jared Allen is cut, but CB Josh Norman is due for a massive deal. Even if Jeffery hits the open market, his price might be out of the range the Panthers are willing to pay. For more on the Panthers, download the Chat Sports Android and iPhone app

2. New England Patriots
Tom Brady hasn't had a true No. 1 WR since Randy Moss. Sure, Julian Edelman and the other slot WRs have been productive, but they aren't true No. 1 weapons. Getting Jeffery would give the team that true weapon they've lacked since 2009. Like Carolina, the Patriots have limited cap space. However, the Patriots have few free agents and could make the needed cap space to sign Jeffery if they really wanted him.  

1. Chicago Bears
In the end, those three teams might not even have a shot at landing Jeffery if the Bears do the sensible thing. The Bears need young talent, and that's exactly what Jeffery is. While the Bears are rebuilding, at just 26 years old, Jeffery is young enough that he should be playing at a high level when the Bears get back to competing for NFC North titles. The Bears simply can't let Jeffery walk this season, even if they have concerns about his healthy. At the very least, the Bears should slap the franchise tag on Jeffery. Check out the Chat Sports Android and iPhone app for more on the Bears. 

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