Terrell Owens' NFL Comeback: 5 Teams That Could Sign Him In 2018

Former NFL wide receiver Terrell Owens is in this year's Hall of Fame Class - but that doesn't mean he won't try to make a comeback in the league. Owens has actually said he wants to be the first ever active player in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Owens is 44 years old and hasn't played since 2010, but does appear to be in shape and working out routinely.

Host Cam Rogers reveals his top 5 NFL teams that fit best for Terrell Owens as his comeback tour continues. 

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Here are the top 5 teams that Terrell Owens could sign with:
#1: New England Patriots
#2: Seattle Seahawks
#3: Indianapolis Colts
#4: Philadelphia Eagles
#5: Houston Texans

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