Super Bowl Prop Bets: Here Are All The Crazy Bets You Can Make At BetDSI, Including Commercials, Donald Trump, Tony Romo, And The Coin Flip

Super Bowl Prop Bets 2019: When the Patriots and Rams face off in Atlanta in Super Bowl 53 - you can bet on all kinds of 'off the field' happenings surrounding the game, including the coin toss, Maroon 5 playlist, Donald Trump's tweets and attendance, the National Anthem length & Tony Romo's commentary and MUCH more. These odds are presented by BetDSI and you can wager on these fun prop bets right now -> Super Bowl Prop Bets From BetDSI

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With nearly 2 weeks to wait until Super Bowl 53 between the New England Patriots and Los Angeles Rams, you have to do something to pass the time. IN THE VIDEO ABOVE: Chat Sports' Tom Downey breaks down all the prop bets and even gives you his favorite props to bet

All of the prop bets from this video are via BetDSI (see them and make bets here). A breakdown of the betting odds is below:

Coin toss landing position
Heads -103
Tails -103

Coin toss call outcome
Correct -103
Wrong -103

Team will call which side of coin?
Heads -2500
Tails +800

What will team that wins coin toss choose?
Defer to 2nd half -115
Receive kickoff -115

Length of National Anthem (Gladys Knight)
Over 107 seconds (-115)
Under 107 seconds (-115)

Will Gladys Knight take a knee or raise a fist during or following the National Anthem?
Yes +600
No -1000

Will any player take a knee during the National Anthem? 
Yes +400
No -700

Will any player raise a fist during the National Anthem? 
Yes +200
No -300

Length of America the Beautiful (Chloe X Halle)
Over 95 seconds (-115)
Under 95 seconds (-115)

Super Bowl LIII National Rating (According to Nielsen)
Over 44.5 (-115)
Under 44.5 (-115)

Super Bowl LIII U.S. Viewership (According to Nielsen)
Over 106.5 million (-115)
Under 106.5 million (-115)

Will CBS show replay of missed pass interference call on Rams vs. New Orleans (Nickell Robey-Coleman on Tommylee Lewis)
Yes -130
No +100

Will Jim Nantz say "hello friends" when announcers come on air?
Yes -10000
No +2500

Total times Jim Nantz and Tony Romo say “Gronk” 
Over 2.5 (-110)
Under 2.5 (-120)

Will Jim Nantz or Tony Romo say “GOAT”
Yes +360
No -500

Will Jim Nantz or Tony Romo say “dynasty”?
Yes -150
No +120

Total times Roger Goodell will be shown
Over 1.5 (-110)
Under 1.5 (-120)

Will Donald Trump take part in pregame interview on CBS?
Yes -200
No +150

Will Donald Trump attend the game? 
Yes +800
No -1500

Total times Donald Trump tweets during the game?
Over 1 (-115)
Under 1 (-115)

Will Trump congratulate winning team via Twitter by midnight on 2/3/19?
Yes -150
No +120

Will the U.S. Government shutdown end before Super Bowl LIII (2/3/19)
Yes -180
No +145

Which will be higher?
Trump approval rating on 2/4/19 (according to Rasmussen Reports) +110
Yardage of longest made field goal -140

Which will be higher?
Total days of U.S. Government shutdown +110  
Yardage of longest touchdown -140

Will the Super Bowl LIII winning team visit the White House? 
Yes -200
No +150

Largest wager on Super Bowl LIII by Floyd Mayweather (Must share ticket image on official Instagram account for action)
Over $2 million (-115)
Under $2 million (-115)

Will Adam Levine, Travis Scott or Big Boi take a knee?
Yes -300
No +220

Will any of the performers wear a Colin Kaepernick jersey?
Yes +220
No -300

Will Adam Levine be first shown wearing a hat? 
Yes -150
No +120

Total songs played during the halftime show? 
Over 6.5 (-115)
Under 6.5 (-115)

Will Christina Aguilera make an appearance during the halftime show? 
Yes +220
No -300

Will Mick Jagger make an appearance during the halftime show? 
Yes +300
No -400

Will NFL issue a report admitting they missed a call during Super Bowl?
Yes +250
No -330

Will any player do the Dirty Bird for TD celebration?
Yes +200
No -250

Will any player do The Floss for TD celebration?
Yes +450
No -750

Will any player use a prop during TD celebration?
Yes +300
No -400

Winner of 14th Puppy Bowl
Team Fluff (-115)
Team Ruff (-115)

How many commercials will have a dog in it?
Over 5.5 (-115)
Under 5.5 (-115)

Will “Dilly Dilly” be said during a Bud Light commercial?
Yes -200
No +150

How many 30-second Bud Light commercials will feature the Bud Knight?
Over 1.5 (-115)
Under 1.5 (-115)

How many Clydesdales will be shown in Budweiser commercial?
Over 8.5 (-115)
Under 8.5 (-115)

Will there be an animal besides a horse in the Budweiser Clydesdale commercial?
Yes -130
No +100

Which soft drink brand commercial will air first? 
Coca-Cola -170
Pepsi +130


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