Steelers Rumors: Martavis Bryant Rolling the Dice with the NFL

The Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Martavis Bryant is once again rolling the dice with the NFL. This time though it's in a much different way. Bryant scored a touchdown against the Minnesota Vikings and in his touchdown celebration literally rolled the dice.

If this would have happened last season Bryant would have been fined, but with the new touchdown celebration rules, the NFL: is "OK" with it. The two takeaways from this that I have are; The NFL is letting their players have a little more fun and Bryant is really good. Like freakish alien like talent good.

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Bryant finished the game with three catches for 91 yards and that roll of the dice touchdown. Happy for Bryant that dice roll didn't cost him any money and happy to see a very talented player back on the field. The Steelers will look to improve to 3-0 as they battle the Chicago Bears on the road in Week 3.

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