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Hyde: A very real fear for Sunday — Washington is the NFC version of the Dolphins | Commentary

Here comes a Washington team with more losses, a fired coach, a hold-out star, an angry fan base and, perhaps, no matter what they say, a rookie quarterback in reserve to offer something the Dolphins really haven’t had this year:

Just when it was getting comfy at the bottom, here comes the Dolphins’ doppleganger to Hard Rock Stadium on Sunday, a Washington franchise as inept in the NFC over the past 15 years as the Dolphins have been in the AFC.

Look at the stigma of stink overlapping these once-upon-a-time proud franchises: Ownership blunders, revolving coaches, draft follies, dumb signings and an endless mosaic of embarrassing losses right down to last Sunday, when the New England Patriots fans set up by the tens of thousands in Washington’s home stadium.