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FOA 2022 MEDIA: SB Nation

NFL Offseason - After a couple of years hiatus, we're back with a series of interviews we did for SB Nation team websites to promote Football Outsiders Almanac 2022. We'll link to all of those here as the articles gradually get published.

You can find out more about purchasing Football Outsiders Almanac 2022 right here.

Carolina Panthers (Bryan Knowles)

Cleveland Browns (Rivers McCown)

Denver Broncos (Mike Tanier): Part I and Part II

Detroit Lions (Derrik Klassen): Part I and Part II

Green Bay Packers (Derrik Klassen): Part I and Part II

Miami Dolphins (Scott Spratt)

Minnesota Vikings (Derrik Klassen): Part I, Part II, Part III

New York Giants (Thomas Bassinger)

Seattle Seahawks (Vincent Verhei)


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