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Adjusted Interceptions 2019

This is an article about interceptions in 2019, and that means we are going to talk a lot about Jameis Winston. Jameis Winston shall be the player most frequently discussed today, and the player most frequently discussed today shall be Jameis Winston. Jimmy Garoppolo and Joe Flacco will not come up, excepting that they are compared to Jameis Winston. Jameis Winston, Jameis Winston, Jameis Winston. Jameis, Jameis, Jameis. Winston, Winston, Winston. Jameis "Jameis Winston" Winston. Jameis Winston. Wameis Jinston. Jameston Winis. Jameis Winston.

Specifically today we are going to discuss adjusted interceptions. Unlike the NFL's raw interception totals, these numbers account for plays when a defender drops a pass that he should have caught, or when a wide receiver makes a big play to turn what should have been a turnover into an incompletion instead.