Rumors Of Jalen Hurts Unhappiness With Eagles Is Way Wide of the Mark

There has been growing speculation that Philadelphia Eagles star quarterback Jalen Hurts has been unhappy with how things have panned out at the Lincoln Financial Field franchise, leading some to suggest 25-year-old may be looking to find the exit.

Fans of the Eagles who believe that head coach Nick Sirianni will build on last season’s abrupt capitulation and make a real impact in 2024 may want to back their team with the aid of these enticing sportsbook promos, therefore making those wagers far less risky.

By NFL Week 12, the Philadelphia Eagles were on cruise control, beating the Buffalo Bills in overtime to move to an unstoppable 10-1 regular season record. There then followed something of a slip. Five losses in their last six games were not enough to derail the team’s run to the playoffs, but they had lost momentum and then limped out at the first hurdle.

The team was exposed by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the Wild Card Playoff, losing 32-9 and bringing an up-and-down season that has so much potential to a rather disappointing finale.

As for talk of Jalen Hurts and his long-term future at the Eagles, his team-mate, wide receiver A.J. Brown, responded to the growing rumors of his personal relationship with the team’s star performer in a typically robust fashion,

"I think that's sort of BS I'm not going to get into - me and his relationship on the air - but it's total BS,”

"It wasn't a problem when I was on my six-game streak. They weren't talking about that then, but they're talking about it when we're losing."

On Hurts’s personality, he added,

"Jalen is himself. I don't agree or disagree, he's going to be himself, and I'm not the person to try and paint him to be something that he's not or whatever the case may be.”

"But when things were going good, you didn't hear those reports. The season pulled everybody every which way. There were ups and downs and more downs than ups. But when we were winning, you saw the same reaction from him on the sideline.”

“But when we were losing, you still saw the same reaction, so how can you get upset at the same person for doing the same thing? A couple months ago, he was the greatest leader for this organization. So I don't agree or disagree. He's going to be himself and I want him to be nobody but himself.”

As for A.J. Brown’s future at Philadelphia, the 2022 NFL Draft trade added,

"Why would someone think I wasn't even happy? I want to be here. It's as simple as that. I love where I'm at, it's simple as that. Next question."

Clearly, the way the season blew up for the Philadelphia Eagles was always going to result in press coverage, leading to ongoing conjecture about players and coaching staff, but on the whole, the team will look to build on last season’s excellent start and push on to make a more concerted impact next season.

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