Ranking the Top 10 Super Bowls of the 2000s

Super Bowl 52 will be set after this weekend's Conference championship games, so NFL Daily decided to rank the top 10 Super Bowls of the 2000’s in the video above, (and below).

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This list is dominated by Tom Brady and the New England Patriots with their incredible run since their first Super Bowl victory back in 2001 over the St. Louis Rams. The Rams make multiple appearances on the list with the inclusion of their great Super Bowl win over the Titans. Both New York Giants’ upsets over the Patriots are on this list, but where do they rank? Peyton Manning makes an appearance on this list, but maybe not for the Super Bowl you were thinking of! Which one of his Super Bowls make the list? Find out here!

Our hosts Harris Rubenstein and Tom Downey power rank all the top 10 Super Bowls of the 2000's!


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