Peyton Manning's 10 Most Memorable TV Commercials

Peyton Manning is now a former NFL QB, and one of the greatest in NFL history. But he was also one of the best athletes for commercials in NFL history as well. While Manning might do a few more commercials in retirement, his best ones are likely behind. With his retirement here, let's take a look back at Manning's 10 most memorable TV commercials. 

10. Laser Rocket Arm

The first one of the list is one of the older ones. I mean, just look at how old that phone is! Can you even use Twitter on it? 

9. High Voiced Peyton

Oh high-voiced Peyton Manning. Nobody liked you, but you were a successful commercial because you got people taking. 

8. MasterCard

Back when MasterCard was running those "priceless" commercials, this one with Manning was on the better ones. It's a solid commercial, but it's not even in Manning's Top 7. 

7. How To Throw A Football

I taught my sister how to throw a football this way. She's got a Tim Tebow-like motion now, but it works. 

6. ESPN Brothers

One of ESPN's many strong commercials, this consists of Peyton and Eli acting like immature brothers. But, where's Cooper? You know, the other Manning brother. 

5. Football On Your Phone

Nothing about this DirecTV commercial should work. And yet, it kind of does. In a very weird way. 

4. Chicken Parm You Taste So Good

This commercial was overplayed, but it was a pretty catchy jingle. 

3. Football Cops

This DirecTV fake TV show trailer for "Football Cops" doesn't have the same recognition as some of the ones on this list, but its should. That's because Eli Manning kills a dude with a football. Seriously. 

2. Peyton Manning Action Toy

If the Broncos had this version of Peyton Manning, they wouldn't be in desperate need of a QB. 

1. United Way

Note: There's a longer version of the skit on It's a got a few more jokes too. 

This one is actually an SNL skit, but it's a fake commercial so we're going to use. It's too funny not to. But it almost didn't happen, as Peyton didn't want to hit kids with a nerf football at first. But, the parents of the kids started yelling at Peyton to hit their children. Manning caved and we have this wonderful skit as a result. 

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