Here Are 3 Teams That Could Sign Robert Griffin III This Offseason

With the NFL season officially over, free agency is now on the minds every NFL team. There are several big-name free agents scheduled to hit the market this offseason and they'll be the top targets for many teams. While Robert Griffin III's stock has taken a major hit in recent years, and the Washington Redskins officially released him yesterday, making him an unrestricted free agent.

Despite his struggles and possibly diva attitude, Griffin will attract interest from several teams. Remember, he's just 26 years old and took the league by storm in his rookie year before injuries helped to stunt his growth. The San Francisco 49ers aren't on this list, but they're a possibility if the team parts ways with Colin Kaepernick. With that in mind, here are three possible destinations for Robert Griffin III this offseason. 

3. Denver Broncos
This sounds outlandish, but it's really not. There's already been a report that the Broncos could target RGIII if they can't afford to keep Brock Osweiler. Make no mistake, Griffin won't head to Denver if the team brings back Osweiler like it wants to. But if Osweiler leaves Denver, than the Broncos become a serious landing spot. For now, this seems like Denver's backup plan that needs to be mentioned and monitored. For more Broncos news, download the Chat Sports Android and iPhone app

2. Los Angeles Rams
The Rams adding Griffin would make for a great story, given that they're the team that received a king's ransom from Washington in exchange for the Redskins moving up in the draft to get Griffin. The Rams badly need a QB, as Nick Foles was a complete disaster at QB this year. Case Keenum was better, but he's not the long-term answer. It's fair to wonder if Griffin is the answer, but he fits the Rams' scheme and is better than Foles. If Griffin wants to play now, his best bet might be signing with the Rams. 

1. Dallas Cowboys
The Cowboys checking at the top of this list shouldn't be much of a surprise. Griffin's college coach thinks it'd be a perfect fit and RGIII reportedly wants to play for Dallas. It would allow Griffin to learn behind Romo for a few seasons, and playing for the Cowboys might be the best thing for his long-term career. Owner Jerry Jones has spoken highly of RGIII in the past, and he loves making splashy moves. Dallas could elect to draft a QB instead, either early or late in the draft, but signing Griffin makes perfect sense for the Cowboys. For more Cowboys coverage, download the Chat Sports Android and iPhone app

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