NFL Trade Rumors Mailbag Feat. Anthony Harris, Le’Veon Bell, JuJu Smith-Schuster & Jamal Adams

NFL Trade Rumors come from YOU FANS on today’s episode of NFL Daily from Chat Sports. Jamal Adams trade ideas continue to circulate as everyone wants to know if the Jets will trade their superstar safety. Could the Jets & Vikings complete a Jamal Adams for Anthony Harris trade? Host Harrison Graham has the latest NFL Trade Rumors IN THE VIDEO ABOVE AND BELOW.


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Le’Veon Bell didn’t have a great first season with the Jets after skipping the 2018 NFL season. Will New York trade Bell this offseason? Could a team like the Chargers trade for Bell to pair with Austin Ekeler? Will JuJu Smith-Schuster be on trading block as he heads into his final year on his rookie contract. Smith-Schuster declined in 2019 statistically as Ben Roethlisberger missed most of the season due to a shoulder injury. 
Jaguars trade rumors around Yannick Ngakoue and Leonard Fournette are still buzzing around the internet. Will Jacksonville continue to add future assets by trading one or both of their star players? Will Ngakoue fetch a first round draft pick at this point? The Jaguars didn’t get an offer they liked for Ngakoue during the draft. 
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Today’s NFL Trade Rumors (from fans):
- Yannick Ngakoue trade to Philadelphia?
- JuJu Smith-Schuster trade for Corey Davis?
- Ryan Kerrigan to the Ravens?
- Jaguars trading Leonard Fournette?
- Jamal Adams for Anthony Harris trade?
- Le’Veon Bell trade to the Chargers?
- Quenton Nelson trade to the Bears?

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