NFL Trade Rumors On Jalen Ramsey, Stefon Diggs, Dan Quinn Hot Seat & NFL Week 5 Injury Report

NFL Week 5 is in the books and Jalen Ramsey trade rumors are still alive and well. Ramsey did not play for the Jacksonville Jaguars vs. the Panthers but that doesn’t mean the Jags are going to trade him. Is Dan Quinn on the hot seat? Will the Vikings trade Stefon Diggs? And what’s the status of Mason Rudolph and Drew Brees? Host Mitchell Renz is answering all this and more on today’s NFL Daily. 

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Stefon Diggs was fined $200K this week for missing practices and meetings. However, recent rumors report that the Minnesota Vikings are not likely to trade Diggs before the trade deadline, October 29th. Multiple teams have reached out about their interest, but it apparently would “take an offer they can’t refuse.” Similarly, Jalen Ramsey has piqued the interest of nearly a dozen teams around the NFL.

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