NFL Trade Rumors On Derek Carr & Stefon Diggs + NFL Draft Rumors On Joe Burrow & Tua Tagovailoa

NFL Rumors around big names like Stefon Diggs, Derek Carr, Jason Witten and even Joe Burrow. In NFL trade rumors, will Stefon Diggs or Derek Carr be traded? What does the future hold for Jason Witten? And where will Joe Burrow and Tua Tagovailoa end up? Chat Sports’ Tom Downey & Mitchell Renz, hosts of NFL Daily go through the latest NFL news & rumors you can’t miss.

NFL Trade rumors are centered on Derek Carr and Stefon Diggs. Does Diggs want to leave the Minnesota Vikings? And with the NFL Combine here, are trade talks going to heat up for Derek Carr & the Raiders

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NFL Draft Rumors also include more drama around Joe Burrow not outright saying he wants to play for the Cincinnati Bengals. FS1, Skip Bayless, Shannon Sharpe, Undisputed, Jason Whitlock and more talking about Burrow demanding a trade. Does that make sense? And speaking of FS1, does Tom Brady make more sense for the Dallas Cowboys than Dak Prescott? In other Cowboys rumors, what does the future hold for Jason Witten? Will he be back?  

Here’s the full list of NFL Rumors:
- Raiders Trading Carr?
- Joe Burrow Doesn’t Want To Be A Bengal?
- Tua To Lions?
- Stefon Diggs Done With Vikings?
- Tom Brady Better Than Dak Prescott?
- Jason Witten Playing In 2020

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