NFL Super Bowl 53 Odds: Patriots, Eagles, Rams, Steelers, Vikings, Chargers & Packers Top BetDSI's List

The NFL preseason is underway and #1 online sportsbook BetDSI has released the latest Super Bowl 53 odds. It's not a surprise that the Philadelphia Eagles and New England Patriots are at the top, but the Los Angeles Chargers nearly cracking the top 5 is a stunner. Teams like the Minnesota Vikings, Los Angeles Rams, Atlanta Falcons, Green Bay Packers and New Orleans Saints also rank near the top.

Notable teams like the San Francisco 49ers, Dallas Cowboys and Oakland Raiders are outside the Top 10.  

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Here's the complete Super Bowl 53 betting odds, from BetDSI

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32. Cardinals: +13000
31. Jets: +12000
T-29. Bears: +11000
T-29. Dolphins: +11000
28. Bengals: +9500
27. Browns: +8500

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26. Bucs: +8100
25. Bills: +7000
24. Colts: +6500
23. Redskins: +6200
These bottom 10 teams really don't have much of a shot at winning the Super Bowl this year. Sorry, fans of those teams. 

22. Broncos: +5100
T-20. Lions: +4500
T-20. Seahawks: +4500
These teams could make a playoff push, but I don't foresee a Super Bowl win this year. Neither does BetDSI

19. Panthers: +4200
The Panthers being so low is a real surprise. Yes they are revamping their offense under OC Norv Turner, but they made the playoffs. I'm not a huge believer in the Panthers, but #19 and +4200 odds seems too low. 

18. Ravens: +4000
17. Giants: +3900
The Giants, after a terrible year last year, are a bit of a surprise for me at +3900. It seems about five spots too high. 

16. Titans: +3800
The Titans might be a regression candidate, but I like this new coaching staff. I think they could be sleeper team to bet on. 

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15. Raiders: +3100
14. Chiefs: +2700
13. Cowboys: +2600
If the Cowboys make the playoffs, they'll be a scary team to play in the postseason. But making it will be very tough in the NFC. 

12. Texans: +2200
This is all about Deshaun Watson's health and play. If he plays like he did last year and for all 16 games, it's a good bet. If he gets hurt or regresses, #12 might be the Texans' draft pick. 

11. 49ers: +2000
The 49ers are the new trendy team, after Jimmy Garoppolo fared so well last year, but I still think they're a year away. 

10. Falcons: +1900
Talent-wise, this Falcons team should be in the top 5. They're a solid bet, despite some issues with Steve Sarkisian and having to play in the NFC South. They should be higher than #10.  

9. Jaguars: +1600
Jacksonville at #9 doesn't seem so crazy, until you see the AFC team ahead of them. I'm not a big Blake Bortles fan, but these are some good betting odds. 

8. Saints: +1450
The Saints fall into the same category as the Falcons: really good team that gets docked for playing in a tough division. The Saints at +1450 are a solid bet. 

T-6. Packers: +1300
Aaron Rodgers is back and that means the Packers are too. 

T-6. Chargers: +1300
Yeah, it seems too high, right? I get the Chargers are trending upwards, but T-6 best odds? That's too high for a team that needs to improve just to actually win a playoff game. There's not the value there should be with this bet. 

5. Vikings: +1000
Sign me up for the Vikings. I love this team from top to bottom and think getting +1000 on them is great value. They're my pick to come out of the NFC. 

4. Steelers: +950
The Steelers are rightfully in the Top 5. But at the same time, why is this the year they finally get out of the AFC Championship game? 

3. Rams: +900
Much like the 49ers, the Rams are a trendy team. I think they'll play very well this year, but at +900, I don't love this bet as much as, say, the Vikings. Still, I like the Rams to win the NFC West this year. 

2. Eagles: +700
The Eagles aren't going anywhere: this is a team built to last. Still, I don't love betting on them, because it's so tough to repeat. They'll be good, but I'm not touching these odds. 

1. Patriots: +575
If the Patriots win another Super Bowl or even just make it, will anyone be surprised? Of course not. And that's the Patriots, once again, are the betting favorites for Super Bowl 53. 

For more analysis on the Super Bowl 53 betting odds, check out the video above and below. 

You can bet on these right now on BetDSI and get up to $600 free with promo code NFL120

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