NFL Rumors: Todd Gurley’s Future With Rams, Vikings Trading Stefon Diggs, 17-Game Season, Dez Bryant To Cowboys & Usain Bolt vs. Tyreek Hill

The NFL offseason is here which means it’s prime-time NFL Rumors season. The latest NFL rumors are around Todd Gurley’s future with the LA Rams, The Vikings trading Stefon Diggs, the possibility of a 17-game schedule, Dez Bryant reaching out to the Cowboys and Usain Bolt ripping Tyreek Hill. The Rams will reportedly try to meet with Gurley who is coming off career lows in rushing yards and carries. Stefon Diggs has been sending cryptic tweets recently, could he traded this offseason? Dez said last week he wants to be on the Cowboys - what’s the latest Cowboys rumors around Dez? Last Tyreek Hill said before Super Bowl 54 he’d like to make The U.S. Olympic team and Usain Bolt laughed at that idea.

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NFL Rumors on today’s NFL Daily by Chat Sports hosted by Mitchell Renz are around the following teams; Los Angeles Rams, Minnesota Vikings, Dallas Cowboys, and Kansas City Chiefs can be seen in the video ABOVE & BELOW!

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