NFL Rumors Roundup: DeAndre Hopkins Holdout, Roddy White To Titans Or Bucs And Browns' Starting QB

Training camps are here for every NFL team, marking the end of the off-season. Most of the news and rumors from here until the start of cut time will focus on injuries, contracts, camp battles and, occasionally, a free agent signing. Check out the all latest NFL news and rumors below.

DeAndre Hopkins Holding Out?
Originally reported as Hopkins walking out of training camp, the Houston Texans WR instead never reported up to camp as part of a contract holdout. 

It appears that Hopkins did show up to the facility, but didn't report and is holding out.

The difference in showing up and then leaving is that the Texans would have been able to threaten Hopkins with forcing him to sit out the entire season. While the Texans would likely never do that, Hopkins failing to report limits Houston's leverage. Either way, Hopkins has made it very clear he wants a new contract. And that contract will likely make him one of the highest paid WRs in the NFL. After all, Will Fuller is set to make more this year than Hopkins. The Texans won't talk terms with Hopkins as he has two years left on his deal. However, they did get J.J. Watt a new contract when he had two years left. 

Roddy White Could Sign With Titans Or Bucs?
The former Atlanta Falcons WR still wants to play, and is getting interest from a few different teams. Pro Football Talk reports two of them are the Titans and Bucs. 

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, White was — and still is — on the radar in Tennessee. But he won’t accept a minimum-salary offer. Andre Johnson did, which is why he was recently signed.

But with Johnson’s deal not guaranteed, the Titans can kick tires and, if they decide he can’t truly help the team, move on. Possibly back to White.

Other teams to watch for White include the obvious dot-connection to the Buccaneers, where former Falcons offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter is the head coach.

White is 34 years old and although he's coming off a down season, he can still contribute. He's said in the past he wants to play for a contender this year. 

RGIII Likely To Start For Browns?
It shouldn't be much of a surprise, but Robert Griffin III is the favorite to start for the Browns at QB this year. Mary Kay Cabot reports Griffin took all of the first-team reps when training camp opened on Friday. She writes that it's only a matter of time before head coach Hue Jackson names Griffin the starter. Josh McCown will be the backup, with Cody Kessler and Austin Davis competing for the third QB role. Expect Kessler, a third round pick this year, to win that job.  

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