NFL Rumors: Reuben Foster Suspension, Carson Wentz Return And Dez Bryant Back To The Cowboys

NFL OTAs are underway, but the offseason hasn’t truly ended for some players and NFL teams and there are several notable NFL rumors to discuss. Among the NFL rumors discussed on today’s NFL Daily are if Reuben Foster will be suspended by the NFL, if Carson Wentz will return for the regular season, if the Cowboys will try to bring back Dez Bryant and if Duane Brown will get a contract extension from the Seahawks.

Plus, hosts Cam Rogers and Tom Downey discuss if Khalil Mack is behind on the playbook with the Raiders, if Kareem Hunt got himself in trouble over the weekend, if Christian McCaffrey will get a bigger workload, if the Ravens are cheaters and if Gronk thought about retiring.

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Here’s a look at the full list of NFL rumors:
Khalil Mack behind on playbook?
Dez returning to Cowboys?
Reuben Foster suspension?
Wentz back for season opener?
Kareem Hunt altercation?
Increased workload for Christian McCaffrey?
Duane Brown extension?
Gronk considered retiring?
Ravens are cheaters?

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