NFL Rumors: Philip Rivers To Titans, Antonio Brown Back To Patriots & James Conner Injury

NFL Rumors are buzzing around Antonio Brown and Philip Rivers and what their futures could hold. There’s also NFL news on injuries to Tyreek Hill, James Conner and Brandin Cooks. 

Antonio Brown rumors just won’t stop and the latest is that he’s going to end up back with the New England Patriots. The basis for that rumor is Brown finally apologized to owner Robert Kraft. But with Brown still under investigation, does it make any sense for the Patriots? 

Philip Rivers’ future is murky right now, as he’s in the last year of his contract with the Los Angeles Chargers. Could the Tennessee Titans sign Rivers? There’s a report that Rivers could have interest. 

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NFL Injury news focuses on 3 players: James Conner, Tyreek Hill and Brandin Cooks. There’s good NFL news on Hill and Cooks, who are expected to return for their next games. However, James Conner injury isn’t looking great and there’s a strong chance he can’t go against the Bengals. Speaking of … 

Ryan Finley is going to keep starting for the Bengals, which makes sense because they are aiming for the #1 overall pick. 

Here’s the full list of NFL Rumors & News: 
- Philip Rivers To Titans?
- James Conner Injury?
- Brown Back To Patriots?
- Tyreek Hill Injury?
- Brandin Cooks Return?
- Ryan Finley Still Starting

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