NFL Rumors: Melvin Gordon Trade? Dez Bryant Return? N’Keal Harry To IR And NFL News

NFL Rumors is back and there continue to be trade rumors around Melvin Gordon. However, will the Los Angeles Chargers actually trade Gordon? In other NFL news, Dez Bryant could return to the NFL, Brian Hoyer is heading the Colts, and the Patriots have brought back WR Demaryius Thomas while placing N’Keal Harry on IR. 

Melvin Gordon’s future is very much up in the air right now. The Chargers are letting him explore a trade, while also cutting off extension talks. So what will Gordon do and could he head to the Philadelphia Eagles? Gordon followed the Eagles on IG, but they’re not the only team he followed. 

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In NFL News, Brian Hoyer has a new team: The Indianapolis Colts. Meanwhile, for the New England Patriots, N’Keal Harry has been placed on IR and Demaryius Thomas is taking his place. Plus, Josh Doctson is heading to the Minnesota Vikings! 

NFL Rumors also include the possible return of Dez Bryant. He wants back in the NFL, but will a team take a chance on him? Plus, Orlando Scandrick has been linked to the Houston Texans and Josh Jones to the Buffalo Bills. 

Here’s a full breakdown of the latest NFL Rumors:Melvin Gordon Trade?
Melvin Gordon & Eagles?
Dez Bryant Return?
Brian Hoyer To Colts
N'Keal Harry to IR
Demaryius Thomas Back To Patriots
Josh Doctson to Vikings
Orlando Scandrick To Texans?
Josh Jones To Bills?

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