NFL Rumors: Melvin Gordon Holdout Latest, Jadeveon Clowney Trade Rumors & Josh Docston Trade?

NFL Rumors focus on two players: Melvin Gordon and Jadeveon Clowney. It appears that a Jadeveon Clowney trade could happen at any point, but which NFL team will land Clowney? And is Melvin Gordon actually going to report on time?

NFL Trade rumors also feature updates on the future of Josh Doctson, who the Redskins apparently really want to trade. There’s also a finalize trade involving the Colts & Jets that we’ll break down. Speaking of the Colts, could they sign Brock Osweiler to be their new backup?

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NFL Injury Updates focus on two main players: DeSean Jackson and Jason Pierre-Paul. Jackson could miss some regular season time, while Pierre-Paul is making progress in his recovery from a neck injury.

Here’s a full breakdown of the latest NFL Rumors:
Jadeveon Clowney Trade Is Coming?
Melvin Gordon Ending Holdout?
Josh Doctson Trade?
DeSean Jackson Out Week 1?
Jason Pierre-Paul Cleared to start rehab
Brock Osweiler to the Colts?
Colts & Jets make a trade

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