NFL Rumors: Jadeveon Clowney Free Agency Destinations - The Top 6 NFL Teams That Could Sign The Top Free Agent In 2020

Where will Jadeveon Clowney sign?

It’s been an NFL rumor since he hit free agency. The former #1 overall pick in 2014 started his career with the Houston Texans, then went to the Seattle Seahawks. The latest NFL news around Jadeveon Clowney is from Jay Glazer who expects him to wait until late summer until he signs. So Chat Sports’ Mitchell Renz host of NFL Daily breaks down the top 6 teams that could sign Clowney.

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NFL free agency rumors have been swirling around Clowney all off-season. 6 NFL teams that have been linked to him are the Tennessee Titans, Philadelphia Eagles, Seattle Seahawks, Cleveland Browns, Baltimore Ravens, and the New York Jets.

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Here’s the top destinations for Jadeveon Clowney in 2020:
#1 Tennessee Titans
#2 Philadelphia Eagles
#3 Seattle Seahawks
#4 Cleveland Browns
#5 Baltimore Ravens
#6 New York Jets

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