NFL Rumors On Jadeveon Clowney, Ezekiel Elliott, Colin Kaepernick And Aaron Rodgers Not A Top 10 QB?

NFL rumors and rumors focus on Colin Kaepernick, Jadeveon Clowney and Ezekiel Elliott. What team will sign Clowney & could it be the Browns or Titans? Will Kaepernick get another shot in the NFL? Is Aaron Rodgers NOT a TOP 10 QB? And what’s the latest on Ezekiel Elliott and his COVID-19 diagnosis? 

Ezekiel Elliott is the biggest NFL news out there, as it’s been revealed that Elliott tested positive for COVID-19. What does his future look like, how did this get leaked and what’s the exclusive news that NFL Daily hosts Tom Downey Mitchell Renz have on this? 

NFL Draft rumors focus on Chuba Hubbard, one of the top NFL Draft RB Prospects in the nation, who says he won’t play for Oklahoma State without changes after head coach Mike Gundy was pictured wearing an OAN t-shirt. Could Hubbard’s draft stock be impacted? 

NFL Rumors continue to swirl around Jadeveon Clowney and where he could sign in NFL Free Agency. Will the Browns or Titans end up landing him? 

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Aaron Rodgers might not be with the Green Bay Packers forever, but he’s still a Top 10 NFL QB, right? If so, why is CBS Sports saying he’s not anymore? 

NFL News also includes updates on future salary caps for the NFL in 2021 and beyond. Plus, what’s the NFL’s testing plans for training camp. 

Here’s the full list of NFL Rumors:
- Ezekiel Elliott Has COVID-19
- Chuba Hubbard Draft Stock?
- Jadeveon Clowney To Browns?
- Jadeveon Clowney to Titans?
- Colin Kaepernick Future? 
- Salary Cap Changes? 
- NFL 2020 plan? 
- Aaron Rodgers Not Top 10? 

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