NFL Rumors: How Deshaun Watson’s Contract Extension Is Impacted By Patrick Mahomes MEGA Deal & Dak Prescott

Deshaun Watson is going to get paid by the Houston Texans, it’s just a matter of when and how much. Patrick Mahomes record-setting deal, likely won’t be broken by Watson, but it should impact a Watson deal. That’s especially true if Watson signs before the season. A Dak Prescott deal would also impact Watson’s deal with the Texans. 

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Texans rumors around Deshaun Watson are mostly quiet as Watson is in no rush to get paid. But should the Texans try to get a deal done quickly? Or will Watson and his agent(s) get his way and wait until after Dak Prescott signs to maximize Watson’s contract? When could a contract get done?

NFL Daily hosts Tom Downey and Mitchell Renz break down all the ways in which Deshaun Watson is impact by Patrick Mahomes’ contract. Watson allegedly wants a 3-year contract from the Texans. If that’s the case, does Tom Downey have a potential look at how the deal would be structured? Mahomes is making about $39 million per year over the first 3 NEW years of his contract. 

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Comparing Patrick Mahomes’ contract is easier to do for Watson than for Dak. That’s because unlike Prescott, Mahomes and Watson both have (or had) 2 years left on their contracts. While no one expects Watson to get more than Mahomes, it does make year to year comparisons in contract structures easier for the Houston Texans. 

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Final contract numbers on Mahomes: It's a 10-year, $450 MM extension. With the 2 years Mahomes had left on his deal, it's 12-years at $477.6 million. Incentives can take the total money up to $502.6 million.

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