NFL Rumors: Preseason Canceled? Antonio Brown Retirement? Aaron Rodgers’ Future?

NFL rumors and news focus on the NFL’s plan for training camp and the NFL cancelling the 2020 preseason Plus, Is Antonio Brown really retiring? Or could a team like the Seattle Seahawks sign AB? NFL Training camp is just days with some players already reporting and yet there’s no finalized plan of action and safety between the NFL and NFLPA. In other NFL rumors, what does the future look like for Aaron Rodgers and Raheem Mostert.

The 2020 NFL Preseason is canceled or at least it will be. The NFL agreed with the NFLPA today to not have any 2020 preseason games. That means there will be a longer ramp-up period for NFL Training Camp.

Antonio Brown drama continues! Amid reports that the Seattle Seahawks are interested in adding the former superstar WR, Antonio Brown has tweeted that he’s retiring from the NFL. If that sounds familiar, it’s because it is. It’s the 3rd time in a year that Brown has retired. Is this time for real? 

NFL Players have voiced safety concerns over the NFL’s plan for a safe return for training camp and the 2020 season. The NFL and NFLPA have had months to form a plan to return to action and they are not right up against the deadline. Rookies are already starting to report and there’s no finalized plan in place. Could this turn into a MLB-esque disaster?

NFL Rumors also include updates on Aaron Rodgers and Raheem Mostert. Will Rodgers play angry this year and what happens if he struggles early in the season? Could the Green Bay Packers make the move to Jordan Love? Meanwhile, Mostert has met with a key 49ers front office member. Will he be showing up to training camp? 

Check out the latest NFL Rumors and News in the video below! 

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Here’s the full list of NFL rumors & news discussed:
NFL Plan for Return?
NFL Players safety concerns? 
NFL Players tweets?
Antonio Brown & Seahawks?
Antonio Brown Retirement?
Raheem Mostert Update?
Aaron Rodgers In 2020?

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