NFL Power Rankings: Ranking All 32 Teams After Free Agency

NFL Power Rankings from Chat Sports focus on ranking all 32 NFL teams post Free Agency edition. NFL Free Agency has been a whirlwind and while some significant players remain unsigned, there’s been a lot of movement and change since the Kansas City Chiefs won the Super Bowl over the San Francisco 49ers. Will the Chiefs remain on top of our NFL Power Rankings? NFL Daily host Harrison Graham ranks every NFL team from 32 to 1.

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NFL stars were on the move in free agency as DeAndre Hopkins got traded to the Cardinals, Stefon Diggs was shipped to the Bills and Tom Brady signed with the Buccaneers. How does that effect where teams land in our updated NFL Power Rankings? How far down do the Patriots sit without Brady?

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Post NFL Free Agency Power Rankings:
#32 Jacksonville Jaguars
#31 Washington Redskins
#30 New York Giants
#29 Cincinnati Bengals
#28 Carolina Panthers
#27 New York Jets
#26 Detroit Lions
#25 Denver Broncos
#24 Miami Dolphins
#23 Atlanta Falcons
#22 Chicago Bears
#21 Las Vegas Raiders
#20 Los Angeles Rams
#19 Los Angeles Chargers
#18 Arizona Cardinals
#17 Minnesota Vikings
#16 Houston Texans
#15 Cleveland Browns
#14 New England Patriots
#13 Dallas Cowboys
#12 Indianapolis Colts
#11 Pittsburgh Steelers
#10 Tampa Bay Buccaneers
#9 Philadelphia Eagles
#8 Tennessee Titans
#7 Buffalo Bills
#6 Seattle Seahawks
#5 Green Bay Packers
#4 New Orleans Saints
#3 San Francisco 49ers
#2 Baltimore Ravens
#1 Kansas City Chiefs

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