NFL Power Rankings: Every NFL Team Ranked Worst-To-First Entering Week 8 Of The 2020 NFL Season

NFL Power Rankings for Week 8! There is a lot of movement at the top of the latest updated NFL Power Rankings. In fact, the top NFL teams are tough to rank with just one undefeated team (the Pittsburgh Steelers) and a litany of talented 1-loss and 2-loss teams. Find out the top NFL winners and losers from Week 7 in today’s NFL Power Rankings for Week 8 of the 2020 NFL season.

NFL News was not kind to the Cleveland Browns, who won in Week 7 but lost Odell Beckham Jr. for the season. The NFC West continues to dominate, with the San Francisco 49ers, Arizona Cardinals and Los Angeles Rams all picking up wins in Week 7. All four teams are in our Top 15. 

NFL Rumors are heating up about when the New York Jets will fire Adam Gase after an 0-7 start and what the future holds for the likes of Mike McCarthy in Dallas and Doug Marrone for the Jaguars. The NFC East is still a complete mess, with the Philadelphia Eagles, Washington Football Team, New York Giants and the Cowboys all in the bottom 10 of our NFL Power Rankings.

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NFL Week 8 Power Rankings:
#32 Jets (0-7)    
#31 Cowboys (2-5)    
#30 Giants (1-6)    
#29 Jaguars (1-6)
#28 Vikings (1-5)    
#27 Washington (2-5)    
#26 Falcons (1-6)    
#25 Bengals (1-5-1)
#24 Texans (1-6)    
#23 Eagles (2-4-1)    
#22 Chargers (2-4)    
#21 Patriots (2-4)
#20 Broncos (2-4)    
#19 Lions (3-3)    
#18 Dolphins (3-3)    
#17 Panthers (3-4)
#16 Raiders (3-3)    
#15 49ers (4-3)    
#14 Colts (4-2)    
#13 Browns (5-2)
#12 Saints (4-2)    
#11 Bears (5-2)    
#10 Bills (5-2)    
#9 Rams (5-2)
#8 Cardinals (5-2)    
#7 Packers (5-1)    
#6 Bucs (5-2)    
#5 Titans (5-1)
#4 Ravens (5-1)    
#3 Seahawks (5-1)    
#2 Chiefs (6-1)    
#1 Steelers (6-0)

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