NFL Power Rankings: All 32 Teams Ranked Entering Week 3 Of The 2020 NFL Season

NFL Power Rankings for Week 3 of the 2020 NFL season feature the Baltimore Ravens, Seattle Seahawks, Green Bay Packers, Tennessee Titans, Las Vegas Raiders and more! The Ravens took over the top spot in our NFL Power Rankings after another dominant performance in Week 2 against the Houston Texans, while the Kansas City Chiefs squeezed out a win over the Los Angeles Chargers.

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NFL News was headlined by the Las Vegas Raiders’ surprise Monday Night Football win in their Allegiant Stadium debut over the New Orleans Saints. The Saints drop HEAVILY in our combined rankings after their loss. The top NFL teams haven’t changed much and neither have the worst NFL teams. But the middle of the pack is a mess with just 2 games completed so far. 

NFL Power Rankings have the Seattle Seahawks as the top NFC team after a huge win on Sunday Night Football over the New England Patriots, with the undefeated Green Bay Packers right behind them. The San Francisco 49ers, however, dropped 5 spots in our NFL Power Rankings after losing several key players to injury in Sunday’s win over the New York Jets.

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Here are the Chat Sports’ NFL Power Rankings after NFL Week 2:

#32 Jets (0-2)    
#31 Giants (0-2)    
#30 Bengals (0-2)    
#29 Dolphins (0-2)
#28 Panthers (0-2)    
#27 Eagles (0-2)    
#26 Lions (0-2)    
#25 Broncos (0-2)
#24 Vikings (0-2)    
#23 Falcons (0-2)    
#22 Browns (1-1)    
#21 Washington (1-1)
#20 Colts (1-1)    
#19 Texans (0-2)    
#18 Jaguars (1-1)    
#17 Cowboys (1-1)
#16 Bears (2-0)    
#15 Chargers (1-1)    
#14 Buccaneers (1-1)
#13 49ers (1-1)
#12 Saints (1-1)    
#11 Patriots (1-1)    
#10 Rams (2-0)    
#9 Raiders (2-0)
#8 Titans (2-0)    
#7 Steelers (2-0)
#6 Cardinals (2-0)
#5 Bills (2-0)
#4 Packers (2-0)    
#3 Seahawks (2-0)    
#2 Chiefs (2-0)    
#1 Ravens (2-0)

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