NFL Playoff Picture: NFC Clinching Scenarios And Standings Entering Week 17 of 2018

The NFC Playoff race is mostly locked in, but there are still some seeds and one playoff spot up for grabs, and we’ve got the updated NFC playoff picture and scenarios entering Week 17 of the NFL season. The New Orleans Saints, Chicago Bears and Los Angeles Rams have secured playoff spots and are now fighting to secure byes this weekend. The Dallas Cowboys and Seattle Seahawks secured their spots after Week 16 wins. The last spot comes down to the Eagles and Vikings.

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Tune in as Tom Downey breaks down every team in the NFC's playoff chances as well as clinching scenarios heading into the last week of the regular season. 

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The updated 2018 NFC playoff picture is detailed below: 

#1 Saints: 13-2 
#2 Rams: 12-3 
#3 Bears: 11-4
#4 Cowboys: 9-6
#5 Seahawks: 9-6
#6 Vikings: 8-6-1

In The Hunt:
#7 Eagles: 8-7

Out: Redskins, Panthers, 49ers, Cardinals, Packers, Bucs, Giants, Lions & Falcons

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