NFL Playoff Picture: AFC & NFC Wild Card Race, Standings & Path To Playoffs Entering Week 12

NFL Playoff Picture for the NFC and AFC as the NFL enters Week 12 of the 2020 NFL Season. The NFL wild card race is heating up and only the Jets have been eliminated, officially, from the playoff race. Today Chat Sports’ Tom Downey looks at the current 2021 NFL playoff picture, discusses the NFL playoffs outlook, wild card race, the current standings in the NFC & AFC and previews some of the top games in NFL Week 12. There are no NFL Clinching Scenarios, yet. 

NFL Playoffs for the AFC playoff picture! The Chiefs and Steelers are the top two teams by at least 2 losses right now. But the 3 through 9 seeds are incredibly close. The Bills, Colts, Raiders, Dolphins, Ravens, Browns and Titans are all separated by just one game as the NFL enters Thanksgiving week. Who is going to make the playoffs and get in thanks to the extra NFL Wild Card spot? And who will be left out this season?

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NFC Playoff Picture is going to be a battle for almost every spot. The Packers, Saints, Rams, Seahawks and Buccaneers all have at least 7 wins, putting them in the mix for the #1 seed and a bye, but 3 of those teams will end up as wild card teams. The NFC East continues to be a mess, led by the Eagles but the Cowboys, Washington and Giants are BACK in the mix now. Who will get the #1 seed? 

The full NFL Playoff Picture is in the VIDEO ABOVE AND BELOW

The Updated 2020 NFL playoff picture is detailed below, but make note, it is for the 2021 NFL Playoffs, technically:
#1 Saints (8-2)
#2 Rams (7-3)
#3 Packers (7-3)
#4 Eagles (3-6-1)
#5 Seahawks (7-3)
#6 Bucs (7-4)
#7 Cardinals (6-4)
Top Wild Card Contenders:
#8 Bears (5-5)
#9 Vikings (4-6)
#10 Lions (4-6)
NFC Least Race: Cowboys, Washington & Giants (3-7)

#1 Steelers (10-0)
#2 Chiefs (9-1)
#3 Bills (7-3)
#4 Colts (7-3)
#5 Titans (7-3)
#6 Browns (7-3)
#7 Raiders (6-4)
Top Wild Card Contenders:
#8 Ravens (6-4)
#9 Dolphins (6-4)
#10 Broncos (4-6)
#11 Patriots (4-6)

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