NFL Playoff Picture: AFC & NFC Standings, Wild Card Contenders Entering Week 8 Of The 2020 NFL Season

The 2020 NFL Season is nearing the midway point and the top NFL playoff contenders are starting to emerge. So let’s take a look at the current NFL Playoff Picture! It’s only Week 8, but it’s time to talk about the NFL Playoffs, Wild Card Race and the current NFC and AFC Standings. 

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The AFC looks strong this year, with 6 teams already at 5 wins in the Steelers, Chiefs, Titans, Ravens, Bills and Browns. But there’s an extra playoff spot this year, with the Colts leading that spot, for now. 

The Wild Card race for the NFC looks tough, with the Bears, Cardinals and Rams the 3 teams at 5 wins. The Saints and 49ers are lurking with 4 and very much still alive, but the NFC East is dragging down the NFC, with the Eagles “leading right now.” With only 1 bye per conference, the Seahawks, Bucs and Packers are leading the way for the NFC. 

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The Updated 2020 NFL playoff picture is detailed below, but make note, it is for the 2021 NFL Playoffs, technically:
#1 Steelers (6-0)
#2 Chiefs (6-1)
#3 Titans (5-1)
#4 Bills (5-2)
#5 Ravens (5-1)
#6 Browns (5-2)
#7 Colts (4-2)
Top Wild Card Contenders:
Dolphins (3-3)
Raiders (3-3)
Chargers (2-4)
Broncos (2-4) 
Patriots (2-4)

#1 Packers (5-1)
#2 Seahawks (5-1)
#3 Bucs (5-2)
#4 Eagles (2-4-1)
#5 Bears (5-2)
#6 Cardinals (5-2)
#7 Rams (5-2)
Top Wild Card Contenders:
Saints (4-2)
49ers (4-3)
Lions (3-3)
Panthers (3-4)

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