NFL News: Tony Romo Defends Dez Bryant, Eric Reid Files Collusion Case, And Tom Brady Pleads The Fifth

In breaking news, former 49ers safety Eric Reid has reportedly filed a collusion case against the NFL, alleging the league's 32 owners coordinated to keep him out of a position. Colin Kaepernick has a similar case ongoing against the NFL as well. Plus, Tom Brady refused to say whether he feels appreciated on the Patriots and Tony Romo defends Dez Bryant as a good teammate.

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Here's the list of NFL headlines discussed:
- Reid Files Collusion Case vs. NFL
- Patriots Wanted Baker Mayfield
- Jags Owner Wants Super Bowl In London
- Saints Sign JT Barrett
- The Latest Rumors on Dez Bryant
- Patriots Don't Appreciate Brady?
- Barkley Leads Rookie Jersey Sales
- Flacco Refused To Speak To Media
- Big Ben To Play 3-5 More Years

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